Bake America Cake Again!

Dear fellow voters,

In the upcoming election, I beg you to consider my gluten-inspired platform. We need to build a wall of frosting, and initiate aggressive glucose policy overseas. We must understand the binding properties of corn starch if we are to navigate the global dietary economy. Our country needs your help in rising the dough that made our nation a sugarpower.

Join me in Baking America Cake Again!*

But actually, I’ve eaten way to much cake lately. Here are some of the newbies I’ve tried out:

  1. Coconut cake


2. Blackberry Lemon Buttercream Cake


3. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (ok, not a cake but still my fave)

IMG_4765 IMG_4764

4. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

IMG_4829 IMG_4830

5. Cake-Pie (honestly, I don’t even know, interpret at your own risk)



*This message does not, by any means, condone the behavior or actions of the presumptive Republican candidate.



  1. Whatever is made with pumpkins is an enemy.
  2. Whatever is not made with pumpkins is a friend.
  3. No chef shall use nutmeg.
  4. No chef shall eat cinnamon.
  5. No chef shall drink pumpkin beer.
  6. No eater shall be bored.
  7. Not all Thanksgiving desserts are created equal.


When it comes to subverting the Thanksgiving dictators, it’s really quite easy. Follow these 7 commandments and make something new! For me, the holiday season is not just an excuse to eat sweets, but a chance to try something new. Tradition is swell – just let your grandparents do the work.

This year, I made an orange almond cake – both a Passover dessert and a Turkish delicacy.

Keep in mind, it’s best to start this cake well before you need it – boil the oranges for 2 hours to soften and then puree. The rest of the cake is very easy:

1 t. baking powder

6 eggs

a little over 1 c. caster sugar

a little over 1 c. almond meal

Note: I would use two *small* oranges next time (or 1 large one)…this ended up being a little bit too much on the orange side.

What your lactose-intolerant mother and your unadventurous father will both eat for breakfast

A few days before Thanksgiving, I salivated over Food52 for about an hour and a half (I may or may not have been intoxicated). I knew that I’d soon be escaping New York to a beautiful kitchen with not one but two (!) ovens (which made sense to me today for the very first time).

This vanilla berry baked oatmeal filled up the bellies of my mom, who can’t eat dairy, and my dad, who’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla – I’ll leave it to you to infer what that means.


The recipe uses almond or soy milk and took less than 30 min. to make. Try it next time you need to feed a couple of picky parents that you love unconditionally…;)


How I graduated from Kale University

You might think Kale University is a tough Ivy League, but you can get in with just a little leftover quinoa, some goat cheese, and lemon.

Once again, Food52 wins an A+ in tummy satiation with this One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf. I forgot to take a picture of mine, but here’s a professional Vogue shoot:


This recipe also gets an A+ for easiness – just make a pot of quinoa and ten minutes into the process, add some kale. While that’s steaming, mix up your lemon juice and zest, toasted pine nuts, goat cheese, olive oil, and scallions. Easy A.

a galette is a galette is a galette

(Shakespeare said that).

My most recent Shakespearean tragedy came in the form of my misshapen peach, basil and goat cheese galette:


Two out of two told me it looks like a pizza… What do you think?

Despite it’s lumpy-space-princess aesthetic***, the galette was delectable (how could you really go wrong with the 3 main ingredients? They’re a triple threat!). I would just advocate for making a bit more dough to ensure that your creation comes out a little less blobby à la natty_blob.

Full recipe from Food52:



Let them eat Fage

TW: ******nostalgic feelings******

This Sunday, I woke up to a tranquil and beautiful Providence morning and realized it might be one of my last Sunday mornings living in dear old PVD. In an empty apartment, nothing seemed more celebratory than making a lush breakfast for one 😉

This Greek yogurt pancake recipe makes the fluffiest flapjacks (I was not only feeling nostalgic, but also Southern):


For 4 good-sized pancakes:

Combine 3/4 cups Greek yogurt and 1 egg, stir until combined (can be a little lumpy).

Then, add 1 t. baking soda and 1/2 cup flour. Stir until combined and then slap on the griddle until they start to bubble – then they’re ready to be flipped.


88 degrees – AC + birthday = Chocolate-orange ganache cake

When your recent discovery of Food52 has become your raisin d’être (typo intended) and it’s your roommate’s b-day, the formula speaks for itself. This chocolate-orange ganache cake was easy to make, especially since I did all of the whisking by-hand in front of a 20″ fan (put your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to good use!).* Next time, I would add more orange zest and juice to further illuminate the orangey flavor, but all in all, the cake was eaten up à la that scene in Matilda and everyone made yummy noises.  ;*


*Sweat is the key ingredient.